Preaching the CREED

Hopespotters! I have missed you. I’ve been a little busy, as have you, I’m sure. I have so much to share. Just took/ passed my hospice recertification exam: blog to come.  So much to say about the Christmas season: blogS to come. But tonight I am about to EXPLODE and must write about the beautiful experience I just had. Friends, this is the season to find good and hope and the presence of Jesus (for those who believe). After a week of chasing CRAZY, in the first week of Advent, which in and of itself is supposed to be a season of hope, I hit the JACKPOT tonight.

Getting ahead of myself in blogs, I am trying to be more present with my boys this holiday season. My insane efforts for perfect gifts have proven to be less meaningful than my sanity and PRESENCE. Go. Figure. So, in an attempt for a happy family outing  after a day of basketball and errands, the Buckleys, plus one great boy, attended “Creed” tonight.


Disclosures: I am a HUGE Rocky fan. Rocky 3 may be my favorite movie of all time. Good guy beats bad guy after strong woman tells him what’s what. There are few things that move me more than sports stories and I’ve loved Rocky since I was 6.  The fight scenes terrified me then, but at that early age, I saw a movie that had a message larger than the action. Maybe it was Rocky that made me an English major.

Spoiler alert: I don’t THINK anything I am about to write is going to spoil the end, or the movie experience for you. However, if you are a purist and want to know no more than the previews will reveal, stop here. But come back.  Come back and like this because a blogger needs love, you know….

So WHY, am I SO  amped about Creed??? It is THE WHOLE ENCHILADA, my friends. As promised, I am not going to spoil the details.

So here is what I will tell you. There is a lovable "boy" who becomes a man. His father is in Heaven and the "boy" is very conflicted about accepting his father’s name. The "boy" falls in love with a woman who the world would not see as perfect: she’s a loner and has some disabilities that the "boy" finds lovable.  The "boy" seeks the counsel, support, and housing of a friend who knew and loved his Father. It is hard for this friend to accept the love in return, but due to the overwhelming love of the Father, he does.  This "mortal" comes to love the "boy". This "mortal" is grieving the loss of his own family and then becomes sick with cancer. The "boy" PLEADS with the mortal: if you fight, I will fight.  In one scene, the mortal is receiving chemo and the "boy" of the Heavenly Father is literally shadow boxing and fighting in the mortal's presence. The "boy" must fight evil to inspire the mortal who feels there is nothing left to fight for…

I CANNOT SAY MORE THAN THAT!! WHY SHOULD I???? Have you heard this story before? Sounds like Beezus… , Starts with a J??? But guess what? I was there- crying and cheering as the unloved of Philadelphia followed this “boy” on his journey, cheering as he ran, and cringing as he fought,  the same way I did at age six.  BUT, I was there with my husband and three young men- it was so clear to me that:  I can’t take my flock to church enough to teach this message.

And for my own heart, and the patients for whom I care and worry over and grieve: I was blown away by the image that brings forward this truth:  there is a boxer - a powerful, beautiful, loving and angry fighter right there at their side, as they get chemo, feel overwhelmed by disease and are scared beyond imagination. This "boy", this fighter is shown doing one armed push up, training and fighting at their side and PISSED OFF at the enemy!

Creed reminds us that God, however you see Him or Her, is here.  His or Her descendants are on this Earth.  Relationships are purposeful interactions with Angels. Humanity and Mortality are our teachers of humility. And we are all in this together.

I am sure I am beating a dead horse ( how many books/ movies/ etc go back to hospice, Jenny?) Sorry not sorry. This movie is, at very least, uplifting and exciting. In my heart, and for my tears, I think it is SO much more. I am encouraging each of my HOPEspotters to see it in this special way:  stories matter. fighting matters.  

Last piece: again- won’t spoil: At the end, the "boy" / "son"  of the "heavenly father" and the mortal, walk up the stairs that the mortal used to run. The son provides support and the mortal accepts it.  A remarkable idea, for the champion of the world.  And everybody else.

Cue the Rocky theme... ;)