Ty Autry - Keeps Her On Track

Labeled as the Engineer Turned Actor, Ty also turns his attention to individuals and small company's dreams. His job is to make sure they grow through the innovative use of social media and branding.



Mike Glatzer - Makes Her Look Good

Mike is a photographer masquerading as an engineer. When he's not designing medical device or taking photos, he's typically cheering on his GT Yellow Jackets, travelling around the world, or enjoying a glass of wine.



Weinstein Hospice - Gives Her Wisdom

Weinstein Hospice is the hospice and palliative care organization where Jenny works.  Jenny is proud to be affiliated with this high quality provider and is the organization that promotes her representation.



Family - Supports Her Dreams

Jenny's family is her rock and foundation and greatest support system.  Her family provides much of the good information and  a lot of the fun... There would be no HOPEspot - or no Jenny- without this bunch.