Welcome to my personal blog...



I am glad you are here. Many of you I know, some I don't, but hope to.  Let me explain why I have started this site and invited you here.  As a cancer survivor, hospice nurse, Mom, and human, I might have a unique perspective on everyday life. Or, I might not. What I am certain is that I have a lot to say about this human experience and much of it is tainted by what I have lived through and what I have the privilege to observe. I would like this to be a space you can visit and walk away from feeling like someone else out there "gets it". Many of my life experiences and so very many of my nursing experiences have shown me that isolation may be the worst feeling of all. "No one understands what I am going through or what I am thinking". I would like to try to be a voice for those feelings. And they're not always reverent and they may not always be popular, but if my blogs can give you the gift that conversations with my sister give me, than I will continue to write.  Vent, laugh, rage, be inspired - whatever the case may be. Join me in the Hopespot and get comfortable.