Welcome to hospice blog...

Welcome to my hospice blog!

If you have entered this site you are probably one of two groups:
1.  A hospice professional who is looking to share views.  Welcome!
2.  A loved one of someone who may be needing hospice care and you are lost, confused and scared. Come on in. This place is not scary.

My hope for this blog is to provide information and support to those who have questions about initiating hospice care. No one googles "hospice" with a light heart. Contemplating hospice may be the hardest thing someone has ever done - for themselves or their loved one. This space is created to provide credible information in real language, with a hearty dose of compassion.

For the professionals, please chime  in and share your credible and compassionate information. Those of us in hospice know that we are all strengthened by each other.

It has always been and continues to be a privilege for me to work in hospice. 


I am passionate about this level of healthcare and continue to herald its values.  I have presented MANY professional CEUs and open audience seminars about the benefits of hospice care and the truth in end of life care decisions. It is one of my favorite things to do!